Hi there!

The people we are looking for have a combination of talent, ambition, professional pride, but also humility to know that we all have a never-ending need to learn, to improve and to drive ourselves to reach higher.

- Update 5: .. and one new member to the team found. In theory we should keep a small break now, BUT if you find our values and modus operandi solid, please drop a message to hear more. Quite surely we will be hiring new team members rather sooner than later.

- Update 4: Third developer found. We are a team of 11 now. Contact anyway if you find us interesting!

- Update 3: Two new comrades found. We still have room for you! :)

- Update 2: we got a feedback that we are not hyping our ways of doing things and the company itself enough if compared to others. Not our style. Our modus operandi is to focus on doing stuff, and do it well, not to make a fuss out of it. We are a pretty nice bunch of people and we have quite a few very interesting things happening right now though!

- ....

We want to hear about good developers out there.

f you think you might or would like to be more of a product than a project person, we might be just the thing for you. We are a product house to the very core. No traditional consulting or project work with us. That is not to say that our job tasks would not be diverse. Oh, they are, as much as you want them to be.

If this is not for you - perhaps this is for someone you know? Please share!

Our tech stack consists of some of the following words: React, Redux, Immutable, Babel, Webpack, Symfony2, MongoDB, restful, git, Sass, Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins, nginx, etc. And we are interested in React Native, Docker, machine learning and whatnot.

And no, you don't have to have strong experience on each and every one of these to be a suitable applicant. After all, the tech always changes, so motivation, getting things done, curiosity and a hunger to learn are the most important capabilities. I.e. if you know some of the tech above already, that’s perfect. If you're motivated and a quick learner, that’s as good.

Furthermore, we don't have a strong preference about your work role as a good match and a strong addition to our team comes first, the role is only the second consideration. E.g. the next recruitment might be an UX developer, but it might be a hands-on architect or a full stack-, front-end-, back-end- or a devops engineer. Or if you have a soft spot for machine learning, AI thingie, IoT, blockchain, data visualization or other interesting tech, bring it on. We don't discriminate - as long you are ready to get your hands dirty - we'll be intrigued. 

Additionally, if things go anywhere near according to our plans, we will need more ambitious and talented people in the very near future, so drop us a message in any case!

You might have a little bit of experience under your belt. But then again, if our values and way of doing things feels right up your alley and you are motivated to learn, then just get in touch all the same!


You would, at least mostly, be working with our PACE product. It's technically - and commercially - a lot more sexier than might meet the eye.

We are going to make it big. And we already have made a pretty good progress on this path.