Hi there!

The people we are looking for have a combination of talent, ambition, professional pride, but also humility to know that we all have a never-ending need to learn, to improve and to drive ourselves to reach higher.

We want to hear about talented, and professionally ambitious folks who cherish learning out there. We don't have a definitive preference about your work role, as a good match and a strong addition to our team always comes first, the role is only the second consideration.

However, we can say we have at least a need for additional power in the front-end (or full-stack) side, i.e. if you are interested in javascript and in building slick and performant user experiences etc with the leading front-end tech stack, we'd like to hear from you.

But even if your knowhow and ambitions would be on other areas, keep on reading.

A bit of ourselves

We might be just the thing for you if you think you would like to be a bit more of a product than a project person. We are a product house to the very core. No traditional consulting or project work with us. That is not to say that our job tasks would not be diverse. Oh, they are, as much as you want them to be.

Our tech stack consists of some of the following words: React, Redux, Redux-Sagas, Immutable, Jest, Sass (might be styled components in the future), Babel, Webpack, Symfony, MongoDB, RESTful, Git, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Nginx, etc. And we are looking into Kafka, React Native, machine learning in different forms (eg. own server stuff as pytorch and running as services as Watson) and whatnot.

In short, we have a modern stack and an api centric code base that is continuously under refactoring to make it cleaner, simpler and better. If you want to work with the cutting edge tech, we have it. Or if we don't, you can bring it on - if it adds value to the product.

You would be working with our PACE product. It's technically - and commercially - a lot more sexier than might meet the eye (it's not suitable only for b2b sales i.e. it's not "only a crm" as it is build as a platform in its own right). We have production customers in healthcare and finance sectors, and first, but not the last, international customer as well. And we are cashflow positive & growing.

We are going to make it big. And we already have made a pretty good progress on this path.

Read below the fold what our team says about working with us!

What are we looking for?

No, you don't have to have an extensive experience on each and every one of the tech above to be a suitable applicant. After all, the tech always changes, so motivation, getting things done, curiosity and a hunger to learn are the most important capabilities. I.e. if you know some of the tech above already, that’s perfect. If you're motivated and a quick learner, that’s as good. And nobody can be really good at all the things, so you get to choose your weapons.

We will have challenging tasks enough to fit any skill level, i.e. we'll have interesting stuff to work on should you be a seasoned pro with extensive knowhow or should you be just graduated with a bit less experience.

In any case, if our values and way of doing things feels right up your alley and you are motivated to learn, then just get in touch all the same! 



If this is not for you - perhaps this is for someone you know? Please share!


In any case we will need more ambitious and talented people in the near future, so if our way of doing things sounds good, drop us a message, so we can get in touch when that happens!

We are interested in hearing from all the people who find our values solid and might see themselves as part of our team, no matter would they be hands-on architect, front-end-, back-end- or devops engineers. Or if they have a soft spot for machine learning, AI thingie, blockchain, data visualization or other interesting tech.