PACE Features

Clean UI

Dump traditional business software solutions with cluttered and unresponsive user interfaces. Your sales reps are worth it.

Smart surveys

Assess your client’s underlying needs and challenges to receive automated suggestions for course of action to sell the best solution possible.

Agenda planner

Set clear goals for how and what to communicate with clients with automated email and memos.

Client diary

Keep track of all current and past communications in one place and utilize the data for precise insight on operations.


Speaking English, Hindi or French? Doesn’t matter, multilingualism is supported all the way from top to the object level.

Centralized materials

Align your marketing and communication people with sales to keep the sales materials always up to date and good-looking.

Own look & feel

Communicate your brand in a solid and unitary way in all points of customer contact to provide a complete service experience.

Intelligent analytics

Analyze the content of client meetings and the nature of communications in addition to just measuring sales results.

Just-in-time learning

Spread sales actions and tactics that your company’s best salespeople use to your entire sales force.

CRM integration

Integrate your CRM and other systems to provide additional relevant background information for the salespeople.

Product database

Take control of vast product portfolios and simplify a complex sale by getting automated product suggestions to present.

Partner networks

Drive for greater overall client value and get automated product suggestions from your partner network’s portfolio as well.

Unified login

Provide seamless user experience across your systems by using a centralized authentication solution.

And the rest

Showing here is just a small amount of features, and new ones are coming up regularly, but not at the cost of losing the clean UI.


PACE is security verified

Our clients' trust is our utmost concern. That is why the technical security of our information systems and online services is certified by Nixu - Nordic's leading cybersecurity company. Nixu Corporation is listed in OMX Helsinki.