Immaterial benefits

  • Challenges. Our tech ambitions don't lay in easy-level implementations or modifications. We aim high and higher, i.e. when you might otherwise start to get too comfortable elsewhere, with us you'd probably have just moved to a next puzzle
  • Room to grow. You get all the responsibility you want to and are ready to handle.. and can pull off.
  • A possibility to hone your skills to the max and beyond. We cherish learning.
  • A possibility to extend your knowhow to new domains. We take regularly, preferably weekly, time to learn and to play with new (or old) things. Of your own choice and interest.
  • A work role tailored to you. People do things, roles don't. At the end of the day your work role will be the one you are most interested in and the one that with you can bring most value to colleagues and to the company. And it can change during the ride, if it should be so. As it probably will.
  • Flexibility. As much as you need and as much you can handle without letting the others down.
  • Freedom. You can work from the office or from home, early in the morning or late in the evening, four days a week or full week or however. As long it works out with rest of the team, i.e. your doings don't negatively affect others.

Material benefits

  • Very flat organization. We also kinda hate meetings for meeting's sake.
  • A mentor to help you get started and up to full speed
  • Life outside work (or a possibility for it). We believe a normal amount of working hours should be enough to make a difference.
  • Some perks: office at the very center of Helsinki, monthly public transportation ticket, home internet, mobile phone bill will be taken care of, some extra insurances covering spare-time incidents, occupational healthcare at Terveystalo, dental services, sports vouchers, a possibility to get luncheon vouchers etc.
  • Good tools: laptop & phone & headphones of your own choice
  • A competitive paycheck every month. We are not going broke anytime soon as we are cashflow positive with long partnership deals in place & without outside funding (we're growing too). 
  • Employee dividends program. Every year - if it has been a profitable one, as it has been every year to this date - a good chunk of the profit, without a max capping limit, will be shared to employees. If the company succeeds, everybody making it will.
  • Psychological safety. We are very stable from the financial point of view, but we think we are that from the mental side as well. Our aim is to disagree as strongly with these statements as possible. We help each others, learn from our mistakes, and have room to grow.