Who we're looking for

Are you the one to join us on our journey to the next level? We want to hear from professionally ambitious folks who cherish learning and who want to push themselves, their colleagues and the company itself to be better every day, but who also want to be a part of highly skilled team of nice people to support everyone’s growth.

We believe that roles adapt to people, not the other way around, so the people we'd like to hear from buy into our values, have the urge to learn and want to set the bar continuously higher not just for themselves but for the team and the company as well.

If this sounds about right to you, come and join our team in Helsinki, Finland or in Prague, Czech - or switch between the offices.

We are interested in people who have a combination of talent, professional pride, but also humility to understand that we all make mistakes, no one is perfect and we all have a never-ending need to continuously improve ourselves. If you see yourself as part of our team now or in the future, get in contact regardless if you'd be most interested in being UX designer/developer, a hands-on Architect, Front-End-, Back-End developer or a DevOps engineer, or if you'd have a soft spot for ML, Data EngineeringData Visualisations or some other piece of interesting technology.

We have challenging enough tasks to fit any skill level, i.e. we'll have interesting stuff to work on should you be a seasoned pro with an extensive know-how, or should you be freshly graduated with a bit less experience. At the moment we are mostly in search of mid to senior level developers, so you would preferably have hands on experience to some extend either from work or just by doing stuff by yourself.



  • You find our values sound (for real, we actually really really go by these)

  • You are a giver - in a good way - not a taker

  • You are self-driven and have a good work ethic

  • You are motivated to learn and have a curious mind

  • You like to make things (happen)

  • Bad and/or sarcastic and/or humor is a plus


Skills we are looking for right now

Front-end developers

We are on the lookout for a front-end developer who wants to create super beautiful user experiences in B2B domain (the only goal is to be on par with the best B2C applications). If in addition to having a solid command of javascript/React and other front-end goodies, you have a soft spot for UX/Design, and want to get involved with those, then all the better!


Even if this would not apply to you, but our values and ways of working feels right up your alley, and you could see us as a possible employer, then drop us a line in any case! We are more than interested :)


A bit of ourselves

Our roots are from consumer facing web services, but we have since pivoted to pure business-to-business domain. Because of our background we are most interested on that our product fits the end user needs, not some needs of the managers. The software we do must create value to the everyday life of the actual users.

At the moment we have altogether 18 persons from 5 different nationalities working full-time with our product. Our offices are located in Helsinki and in Prague; if interested, one can change between the offices for a shorter or longer time, and still be able to continue work with the same highly skilled team and solid product.

We operate a bit like a startup, but we are not a traditional one by any means. We are almost 10 years old and have a AAA credit rating, but at the same time we are very R&D oriented, and  we like to keep things agile and interesting, and we invest continuously in new technologies. We have a super flat hierarchy, and everybody is more than welcomed to take part in decisions, but at the same, we have the financial stability, security, and a focus on long-term quality and goals.

We might be the thing for you if you think you would like to work in a product house. This means there is no traditional consulting or project work with us, but it does not mean that our job tasks would not be diverse or demanding. They are, as much as one wants them to be. Basically, an own product offers an infinite possibilities to get better and improve one’s skills as people are all the time getting more and more challenging tasks: if something turns out to be a recurring work routine and/or too easy to be interesting, then we'll need to find a way to make that go away (with a good software solution and/or automation).

Our tech stack is a modern, API centric code base that's continuously under refactoring to make it cleaner, simpler and better. It includes buzzwords such as: React, Redux, Redux-Sagas, Immutable, Flowtypes, Sass, Babel, Webpack, Symfony, Swagger, MongoDB, Machine Learning (pytorch, ML platforms, etc), Event Streaming, Git, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Nginx,etc. And we are looking into PWAs, Elastic, Kafka, Redis, Elastic and whatnot. 

You don't have to be experienced on each and each and every one of tech pieces. The tech always changes, so motivation, getting things done, curiosity and a hunger to learn are the most important capabilities. If you know some of the tech above already, that’s perfect. If you're motivated and a quick learner, that’s as good. Nobody can be really good at everything, so you get to choose your weapons and/or bring your own favorite cutting edge tech piece on board - if it adds value to the product.

You would be working, like the rest of us, with our PACE product. It's technically - and commercially - a lot more sexier than might meet the eye as it is build as a platform in its own right.We are aiming to make an impact, not only to our own customers, but to our customers' customers as well. 

We are going to make it big. We have already made a pretty good progress on this path. And we are cashflow positive & growing.


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What you'll get


Immaterial benefits

  • Challenges. Our tech ambitions don't lay in easy-level implementations or modifications. We aim high and higher, i.e. when you might otherwise start to get too comfortable elsewhere, with us you'd probably have just moved to a next puzzle.

  • Responsibility and room to grow. You get all the responsibility you want to and are ready to handle… and can pull off.

  • A possibility to hone your skills to the max and beyond. We cherish learning.

  • A possibility to extend your knowhow to new domains. We take regularly, preferably weekly, time to learn and to play with new (or old) things. Of your own choice and interest.

  • A work role tailored to you. People do things, roles don't. At the end of the day your work role will be the one you are most interested in and the one that with you can bring most value to colleagues and to the company. And it can change during the ride, if it should be so. As it probably will.

  • Flexibility. As much as you need and as much you can handle without letting the others down.

  • Freedom. You can work from the office or from home, early in the morning or late in the evening, four days a week or full week or however. As long it works out with rest of the team, i.e. your doings don't negatively affect others.

  • Influence. Monthly 1-on-1 talks with the CEO through discussing values and how things could be done better.

  • Psychological safety. We are very stable from the financial point of view, but we think we are that from the mental side as well. Our aim is to disagree as strongly with these statements as possible. We help each others, learn from our mistakes, and have room to grow.

Material benefits

  • Very flat organization. We also kinda hate meetings for meeting's sake. Basically this means you have a lot more time to focus on getting better on your interest areas and actually do work.

  • A mentor to help you get started and up to full speed

  • Life outside work (or a possibility for it). We believe a normal amount of working hours should be enough to make a difference.

  • Some perks: depends a bit on which office you choose, but in general we offer an office with a central location and other perks to make life easier (for example in Helsinki home internet, mobile subscription, extra insurances covering spare-time incidents and illness, good occupational healthcare, dental services, sports vouchers, a possibility to get lunch vouchers, transportation vouchers).

  • Good tools: laptop & phone & noice-cancelling headphones of your own choice

  • Spotify Premium to accompany your new nice noise-cancelling headphones (not still available in Prague, as Spotify does not offer vouchers there).

  • Concrete support for learning: want a book? No problem, we order it. Useful conference [abroad]? We do plentiful of those every year. Interesting web course? Lets enroll. Coaching? We have an on-going system. Something else? Of course.

  • A competitive paycheck every month. Even if we like to think that we are agile and flexible as a startup, we are not going broke anytime soon as we are cashflow positive without outside funding (we're growing too). As far as base salary goes, we are not the salary leaders of the industry, but we are at higher levels than the average. All things considered - see also employee dividends - we'd say that our overall package is more than competitive, but it's up to you to decide if it is that for you.

  • Employee dividends program. This makes things interesting. Every year - if it has been a profitable one, as it has been every year to this date - a good chunk of the profit, without a max capping limit, will be shared to employees. If the company succeeds, everybody making it will.


Straight from the horse's mouth

What our team members have said about working in Rohea.


Interested? Get in touch now!

Please send an informal email to Eero and Daniela - feel free to send it in Finnish if you wish - to learn more and to start a conversation.

From your end, please tell, for example, how do you see your fit to our culture and values, what things you already have experience on, what you'd like to learn, what you are interested in, what have you done before, what things you are interested in, a CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile, desired salary, etc. If you have a portfolio or a github account or similar to show what you have done before, please provide a link.